Network & Infrastructure Manager

The Network & Infrastructure Manager is primarily responsible for the planning, design, implementation and support of system infrastructure; includes hardware and software in support of the networks, virtual environments, backup solutions, data communications and related security.
Directs employees engaged in these operations and assist with technical solutions.

Duties And Responsibilities

  • Plan, design and direct server, storage and network capacity expansion to meet the needs of current and planned operations.
  • Design, configure and validate security measures to safeguard proprietary business information with regards to external and internal access.
  • Analyze network and systems usage and implement required changes to optimize technical performance.
  • Diagnose and resolve complex problems affecting network operation.
  • Provide internal consulting, technical guidance and support to co-workers.
  • Coordinate the pricing, purchasing, installation and maintenance of hardware and software to support the company technical infrastructure.

The majority of our clients are non-swedish, why fluid and well written english is a must!
The position is based at our headquarters in Karlskrona, Sweden
The position is full time

We need your application before August 17th 2015.
Please send your application to:

About Us

Fragnet is a leading provider in online gaming services including game servers, dedicated gaming servers and voice over IP communication software. Our network infrastructure spans 30 data centres worldwide.

A good network, though, is nothing without quality hardware. Our machines use only high end enterprise components. This ensures great reliability and performance of every service we offer.

Since the beginning we have worked tirelessly to provide a quality of service unmatched in our industry, not only in the services we offer but in the support we provide to each and every customer.

More Information

Our ambition is to go beyond every expectation. Fragnet was built for gamers by gamers. By carefully picking networks with low latency and high quality Internet bandwidth and only hosting on Enterprise hardware - we have created the ultimate platform for hosting fast and reliable game servers. Fast, smooth and superb hit registration are key factors for a succesful game server.

Secondly we added THE control panel for game servers, putting YOU in charge. Our fantastic control panel allows you to install mods, maps or even reinstall your game server if needed. You can even let clan members gain full or partial control.

Nothing of the above is as important as fast and responsive Support. Fragnet offers true 24/7 support. Never ever will you have to sit around waiting hours or even days for an answer.