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Battlefield 4 Ranked

$0.94/slot Info

Battlefield 4 Ranked (120 Hz)

$1.58/slot Info

Battlefield 4 Ranked (144 Hz)

$2/slot Info

Battlefield 4 Ranked (60 Hz)

$1.26/slot Info

All servers include

Instant Setup
24/7 Technical Support
Game Panel
No Branding
Free Voice Server
Low Latency Networks
5 Day Money-back Guarantee

Server locations

(US) Ashburn, VA
(US) Atlanta, GA
(US) Buffalo, NY
(US) Chicago, IL
(US) Dallas, TX
(US) Los Angeles, CA
(US) New York, NY
(US) Seattle, WA
(EU) Amsterdam, Netherlands
(EU) Copenhagen, Denmark
(EU) Espoo, Finland
(EU) Frankfurt, Germany
(EU) London, United Kingdom
(EU) Milan, Italy
(RU) Moscow, Russia
(EU) Oslo, Norway
(EU) Paris, France
(EU) Stockholm, Sweden
(ASIA) Hong Kong, China
(ASIA) Singapore, Singapore
(ASIA) Tokyo, Japan
(AU) Sydney, Australia
(SA) Sao Paolo, Brazil

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